Rants and Randomness with Luvvie Ajayi

Rants and Randomness with Luvvie Ajayi

Join Side-Eye Sorceress Luvvie Ajayi for some (loving) judgement, (necessary) shade and (of course), rants on all thing pop culture and relevant to our lives. Plus, her amazing guests (some you might know already).

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    Not Even Me Can Stop Me (with Jenifer Lewis) - Episode 4

    In this episode, Luvvie talks about March for Our Lives, rants about how she was given Diet Coke instead of a Coke by a couthless waiter. She also shows love to the show Black-ish, and talks with the incomparable Jenifer Lewis!

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    Opening Closed Doors (with Vanessa K. De Luca) - Episode 3

    In this episode, I talk about 2-year-old Parker Curry and her adorable moment with Michelle Obama, rant about how much I hate texting (because I'm YoungOld), show love to ESSENCE Magazine, and talk with ESSENCE’s Editor-in-chief, Vanessa K. De Luca.

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    Eat or Be Eaten (with Myleik Teele) - Episode 2

    In episode 2 of Rants and Randomness, I talk about a magical moment I recently experienced with one of my favorite icons (Cicely Tyson), rant about people's entitlement to our platforms, show love to one of my favorite books EVER, and chat with a true BAWSE I know: Myleik Teele.

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    On and Popping - Trailer

    Rants and Randomness covers all things pop culture and relevant to our lives, through the lens of our resident Side-Eye Sorceress, Luvvie Ajayi. There will be judgment, but lovingly. There will be shade, but that's necessary sometimes. There will be (of course) rants, because why not? And there will be special guests: people you already know and love and people you need to know.